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Easy Woodworking Design Software For Woodworkers


 Easy Woodworking Design Software for Woodworkers will enable you  to begin work on a project with minimal design time resulting in clear Assembly Drawings and Reports. This woodworking software is not only fun to use, but it will save you a lot of design time.

Boards are created with dimensions built into the board. Boards can be precisely connected with a simple click of an icon. The software was designed to be user friendly so that in a manner of minutes, you will be creating assemblies for your woodworking project.

If you have been using pencil and paper to design your woodworking projects, now is the time to complement that technique with software that provides preciseness, ease of use and change, time savings, detailed reports, minimizing errors in the workshop and historical data of all of your projects.

This is more than a Design tool. It is a complete Woodworking Project Management System. If you design furniture, cabinets, boxes, decks, walls or anything that needs a 2-D display, you will find this system very beneficial. You can also display a 3-D view of a 2-D Assembly.

You can download the Demo version which allows you to create a DEMO Assembly and experiment with the features of the system and print various reports. Buy an Annual License for $19.95

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DEMO / Full Version – Download and Test Before you Buy. 


   Easy  Woodworking  Design  Software  Features

      • NOTE – This application contains a Code Signed Certificate and is SAFE to Download and Run. If Google Chrome still blocks this Download, use a different browser. 
    •    If MS Defender blocks it, click the “More info” and “Run anyway” buttons.  
        •   Designed to run on a Windows 7, Windows 10 or 11 PC using the English or Metric     system – No APPLE COMPUTERS
        •   Support for a Second Monitor 
        •   Create / Edit / Update / Delete and Copy Boards
        •   Define Specific information for Projects, Assemblies and Boards
        •   NEW Feature ****** View 2D assemblies in 3D
        •   Re-Scale an Assembly
        •   Display Board Dimensions in Inches or MM
        •   Add and Subtract Board Dimensions with Inches, Fractions or MM 
        •   Connect / Align Boards with an Icon Click
        •   Center and Offset Boards
        •   Add / Edit Notes or Dimensions
        •   Drag and Drop Boards, Notes and Dimensions 
        •   Display a Dimension in Inches, MM or Ft-inches
        •   Allows the user to reflect a Board Change to other boards in the Assembly – time saver
        •   Calculates Shelf / Divider spacing
        •   Calculates Cut Angles
        •   Generates Project and Assembly Parts reports
        •   Generates Project and Assembly Lumber reports
        •   Generates Project and Assembly Hardware reports
        •   Generates Project and Assembly Notes reports
        •   Create Inventories for any Category of Products including Printed Reports
        •   Copy a Project or an Assembly
        •   Delete and Restore an Assembly
        •   System Backup and Restore 
        •   Project Photos